"How You Can Deal With Your Anxiety in a Couple of Steps and Feel Strong Again"




If You Are Willing To Make Just A Few SIMPLE Changes In Your Daily Routine, You CAN learn how to deal with your Panic Attacks and ENJOY your Daily activities again, both alone and with your friends and family.

And as you'll learn, you can try it almost for FREE for 30 days since the first Payment is only 30 days after you order the MP3s. I only ask 2 dollars up front to weed out people that are not motivated... the people I cannot help anyway.


I've created this Course, this Program for you if you recognize yourself in these situations:

  • I think there's something wrong with me, but the doctors don't find anything

  • I am afraid to leave my house

  • I'm uncomfortable in Public Places, in my Car, in Trains/Planes, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Meetings, Get-togethers and Parties,...

  • simple things "other people" can do without fear.

  • I Fear The Fear! I am afraid to have another Panic Attack, so I avoid certain things. Because I do this, I feel sad/disappointed quite often.

  • Other people don't understand what I'm going through, they say I should simply "calm down", since it's all in my head...if only they knew

  • I'm uncomfortable when I'm all alone (who's going to help me when something happens?)

  • I care a lot about what others think of me

  • I ALWAYS want to be in CONTROL of the situation. When I'm not, I feel panic and anxiety

  • I often feel guilty, especially when I have to say 'no' to other people

  • I have very high expectations of life and of myself

  • I feel very disappointed when those expectations aren't met

  • I try to be nice to everyone and try to help everyone else out

  • I often don't have time for myself anymore

  • I Always Fear what's coming, I have a lot of Anticipation anxiety and that gives me lots of WORRIES

  • I feel exhausted and don't think there's a solution for my problems

  • ...


All I just described was the old me. I had all those feelings and 'was' all those situations. Since 2004, my entire life looks and feels different!


And if I can do it...


People have been using my techniques since 2004 and the Success Rate currently lies at 98,7% (last measured in October of last year. Only 1.3% of the people who started asked for a refund). So you'd have to do your best for it not to work at all :-) That said, I want to be clear from the start, what result you can get with the course will be very personal. Results vary and the best way to know what the program can do for you, is to just give it a try.


"So what is it? Why is it different than all the rest I've already tried before?"

Right before I found the solution, I had tried Doctors, Psychotherapy, Acupuncture, EFT, Hypnosis, Ebooks, courses,... Nothing really worked.


I still felt not understood.


How did you feel when you've tried other things?


And how did you feel when you watched the videos on the website? Was there a difference?


For me personally, the biggest problem with the other so-called solutions was they were out of my control, or too complicated to DO when you feel anxious.


I needed some tools I could use on the spot, easy tools that would make the symptoms and the panicky thoughts disappear in a matter of seconds.


And especially, and that's where other methods failed big time, I needed something that would empower me.


Did you know there are things you do that actually CAUSE the anxiety? And when you do them, even the best mental techniques can not make you feel calm.


"In General, People Start to Feel A Lot Better after 3-4 Weeks"

As I said, there is no "typical" result. Results vary and are very personal. But in general, it takes many people 3-4 weeks in the program before they feel significant changes, before they feel like they are more in Control. As you see, it honestly isn't a 24 hour Miracle, it would be unfair to promise that. Results vary and are different for everyone.


But the Results you can start to get can be very powerful. It's been since 2004 for me and for quite a lot of my clients already, and anxiety no longer dominates our life. I personally only really fear White Sharks right now... I can live with that, I don't meet them everyday anyway.


Don't take my word for it, as you'll learn you can test it for Free (pay only 2 dollars to get started), and even after your payment (made 30 days later) there's still plenty of time to ask for a refund if you wouldn't be happy with the results.


Here's what YOU will get:

The Program is 14 Weeks long. In it, you'll learn things like:


  • What Causes your Panic, in your specific situation? What are YOUR Personal Specific Triggers that give you anxiety?

  • How Can You Tackle Your Anxious Feelings, using the Tsunami Method®

  • 3 simple ways to avoid getting a Panic Attack EVEN when you are doing what you're afraid of, or just thinking about it.

  • If you eat this food, even in small amounts, you'll get a racing heart, minor to major sweat-attacks, headaches and lightheadedness (see session 3).

  • What phrases NOT to say to yourself when you feel anxious, to avoid a full blown Panic Attack

  • (and guess what, you say them every time you are afraid)

  • What foods and ingredients can Cause Panic Attacks and anxiety that make you think something is wrong (You'll be surprised since some of them are so called Health Foods! You eat them to help you, while they literally take you down)

  • What are ExcitoToxins and how they are making you Sick, Anxious and Depressed?

  • A trick I learned from Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) you can use to not having a feeling of Guilt, even when you say "NO" to someone.

  • I don't want to care anymore about what other people think of me, so I can be Relaxed Everywhere I go, how do I do this (you'll learn the Friend-Technique® that was designed for this)?

  • 4 simple Steps to instantly Tackle Your Excessive Worrying

  • What to do when you feel Stressed, to avoid a Burn-Out or a Depression

  • How can I take away that burnt-out feeling that wants to keep me in bed, so I don't have to face another day full of stuff I don't like to do?




You'll use One Session every Week, and because you'll repeat it, you'll Automatically know what to do when you see a Panic Attack coming. You'll be able to laugh at it instead of Fear it (this is a big part of the solution by the way).


The first week you'll play with the Tsunami Method and for the very first time ever, you'll start to control the anxiety. You'll start to DO things again, with more self confidence because you'll know that you can finally deal with it the right way.


4 weeks from now, you'll be ready to learn some of my Secrets to Prevent the Anxiety. This in general is the time where my clients get Really Happy. It's one thing to know how to tackle a Panic Attack, but when you can do the things you fear today, while feeling strong and empowered...that's a different story.


Additionally, there is a relaxation session that will do two things for you:

  1. It will calm you down, so you will feel more relaxed and balanced (note, this is NOT Hypnosis or NLP)
  2. You'll start to use your Imagination and because you'll picture yourself anxiety-free in certain situations, a weird thing will happen. You'll actually reprogram yourself and when you find yourself in those situations, you'll Automatically Feel at ease ("hey" thinks your mind "I've been here before and all went great"). This is weird, I know, but you'll feel surprised when you see the full force of this technique.



But... This Program Is NOT For Everyone

I want to be completely honest with you... no program can promise that it is right for every person. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably a fake. There is no "typical result." Results can vary and how much this program can help you is very personal.


If you've read this far, then I hope I won't be disappointing you by saying that the Program might not be right for you...


If you are unmotivated and looking for a magic pill for example...this program is going to disappoint you.


Most of the people who start, are willing to 'stick their hand in a box of fire', they want to DO something about their problem. Those are the people I can help the most.


The Program won't help you if you recognize yourself in this statement:


  • "It's not that bad yet". Your motivation is necessary and as you might have seen in my first video, I can only help the 20% that's willing to try some things! If you're not part of that group, please don't start!


If you don't recognize yourself in this statement, great, then I'm sure this is something you should try. As you'll see, you have Nothing to Lose.


Here Is EXACTLY Why This Is Different than the other things you've tried Before...

The fact is... the Program is COMPLETELY different than anything you have ever done before...


It is Not NLP, Hypnosis, weird Voodoo, Accupuncture or other things that or make you depend on something, or work for 2 minutes but you don't even know why.


Most of the things I tried before were trying to Hide the anxiety, great... but as long as the causes stay the problem won't go away.


If there are a lot of wasps in the summer, you can kill them. But as long as you don't take away the nest, they'll keep coming back.


Coping with it, learning to hide it is not enough! At least it wasn't for me, so I decided to deal with the causes to live a much more relaxed life. (it's difficult to feel anxious then :-) ).


Week by week, one by one, you'll deal with the causes and you'll work on the effects of your Amygdala. The Amygdala is the emotional learning center in your brain. It remembers where you felt anxious before, and makes sure you feel anxious AGAIN and AGAIN everytime you come into contact with that place or situation.


Did you ever wonder why you were first anxious in a certain situation, but then slowly, you started to feel it in new situations as well? Guess who's doing this?... the Amygdala.


The good news is that when you learn to control your emotions (we start with this in the second week already), you'll also be able to DECIDE when you want to feel full of self confidence and happy.



Don’t Decide Now…
Try the 14 week Program RISK FREE For 2 Months

This is probably the most important investment you'll make in your life. AND I will take all the risk on Me.


I understand that you've probably heard a lot of promises about Panic Attacks over the years, and you are right to be suspicious of anything that sounds this good...


Obviously if I can deliver on everything I am promising you in this letter, you'll think it was the best deal you ever got... but if it doesn't work for you, then even 5 dollars would have been too much.


I want you to know that I have as much invested in your success in this program as you do... in fact... MORE. And I intend to PROVE IT to you--


If you're not happy with it, if YOU decide it's not the best thing you've Ever Seen to help you tackle your anxiety, you can cancel before your first payment. Even after a payment has been made you have 2 Months to ask for a Refund, you've read it correctly. You'll get 2 months to test everything out, use it, and should you be unhappy with the results, you can ask your money back.


I know you've tried 1001 things and that you are Afraid to be Disappointed Again. I understand this and that's why I'm making it risk free. I and the people who've successfully followed it that you might have met on the blog etc knowthe power of this course. You don't Yet. That's OK.


The Price of the Program is 159 US Dollars with a FREE 30 Day Trial (you only pay 2 Dollars to get started). So you'll have it in your hands before the first real payment.

Your transaction is secure, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. I personally don't even get to see your Credit Card details!


Online version (Download or Stream the files from your computer, smartphone, tablet,...)

30-Day Trial for 2$. Then, 30 days after subscribing, one payment of 78.5$. 30 days later a Final Payment of 78.5$ = 159 $ in total. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee after every payment.

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